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PAYING CASH for Gold, Diamonds, Watches, Coins, Jewelry, Sterling, Platinum

We specialize in buying jewelry, diamonds, gems, coins, sterling flatware, watches, antique jewelry, old costume jewelry accumulations, precious metals, gold, platinum, silver, palladium, iridium, war relics, Indian items, fine estate collections, and antiques.

We buy entire collections and estates. Why take your items to auction services when they charge 30% commissions? Deal directly with International Gold and Silver.

Reasons to sell your Gold Jewelry to us?

  1. A+ Better Business Bureaus (BBB) Rating, link to see our Better Business Bureaus (BBB) A+ Rating.
  2. Most trusted Jewelry buyer.
  3. RATED THE BEST GOLD BUYER, by the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinal on 6/12/2010 (article link), offering the most for your gold items, as stated in article.
  4. We are authorized and regulated by local officials.
  5. 35 years same location

Buying Gold

Buying Gold nuggets and bullion

Buying gold bullion, all 10K, 14K, 18K, 24K jewelry items, scrap gold, dental gold, gold of any kind, gold nuggets, and gold coins. Paying cash for gold. Sell your gold to us.

Buying Jewelry

Places to sell Jewelry in Brookfield, Waukesha, Milwaukee area

Our jewelry buyers are interested in all types of jewelry. Chains, class rings, charms, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings. We are interested in purchasing antique jewelry items, estate jewelry collections, and old costume jewelry accumulations. A place to sell your broken jewelry. Place to sell your Gold Jewelry, if unnwanted, or you if need the extra, cash for gold.


Buying Silver

Interested in buying silver candlesticks, sterling flatware, silver teasets, fine silver, turquoise jewelry, and silver coins made in 1964 or earlier.

Buying Coins

Buying Coins and Buying Paper Currency

Buying whole coin collections, buying gold coins, ancient coins, and buying silver coins made in 1964 or earlier, rare coins, Franklin Mint sets, and paper currency.


Buying Watches

Our experienced watch buyer pays cash for vintage American watches and Swiss watches and premium watches. Which includes popular swiss watches, rolex watches, patek watches, and vacheron watches, as well as, watch fobs, broken watches, wrist watches, pocket watches, Swiss, and Rolexes. If in doubt bring it in.


Buying Diamonds

Buying diamonds, loose or mounted, large or small, any shape. Price paid dependent on size and clarity and cut. If you are unsure of the value of your diamond, we have expert diamond appraisers to determine the value.

Sterling Flatware

Buying Sterling Flatware

Have sterling flatware, tea sets, or candlesticks that you are tired of cleaning, or stopped using, or received in an inheritance and rarely use. Then bring items in. Top cash paid. Premium paid over silver value on unique brand patterns.


Buying Unique Antigue Items

This antique dealer is interested in purchasing items considered vintage, such as, pens, clocks, War relics, Indian items, jade, boxes, antique jewelry, charms, and turquoise jewelry. If in doubt bring it in.

Precious Metals and Industrial Metals

Buying Industrial Metals, Buying Precious metals in any form

We are interested in Buying Platinum, Gold, and Silver precious metals in any form. As well as, Industrial metals we are buying Palladium, and buying Iridium.

Testimonies - Hear from many of our happy customers.

Charissa Zibolski -

I was shopping around to sell some old/scrap gold. I came across a gem in Wauwatosa. He was very honest and offered me over a $50 more than any other place!! I am recommending this place to all my friends and family!! Now I know I never have to shop around again!! He also had very beautiful rings, watches and bracelets in his case for sale!!! Looking for a place to sell well you have found the place to go!!!!

Don Ahnert-

First time I ever tried to sell gold. People told me to shop around. I went to six different places. from well known jewelers to mom and pop places. The last place I went to was International Gold & Silver. I wish I would have went there first. Brian made me feel comfortable. Unlike the other places he took the time to explain what he looked for in my items and did not mind all the dumb questions I was asking. But as always bottom line is what place will pay you the most. The highest offer I had from the other five places was $425.00. Brian offered me $500.00. I went back home to make sure I didn't have any more gold that I was willing to part with. Lol. Needless to say, if anyone ever asks me where to go to sell old jewelry, there really is no need to go anywhere but by Brian at International Gold & Silver.

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